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9th Aug 2022

Asset Class

Asset Allocation: The art of not putting all eggs in one basket

As cliché as it might seem, the title is the very core of asset allocation. While it may be thrilling to see your portfolio groove to the tunes of the market while it's up, the same market makes one desperately wait for half-past three when there's bloodshed all around. So, how does one analyse risk versus return and allocate the assets so that they are hedged comfortably against a bust and can enjoy returns during the boom? While we don't claim to make you the next Buffet, this blog will help ...

By Shlok Kamat

8th Aug 2022

interest rates

How does fed hikes affect India and other emerging markets?

The Federal Reserve has changed its policy stance considerably in the last few months due to the elevated inflation and strong recovery in the labour market. Financial markets now point to about five 25 basis point interest rate hikes in 2022, in contrast with less than one predicted as recently as September 2021. This is on top of its purchasing of treasuries and mortgage-backed securities announced late last year. So what does a rise in federal reserve interest rates have to do with the stock...

By Shlok Kamat

6th Aug 2022

how much time should I spend searching a stock?

How much time should you spend researching a stock?

Investors are looking for an "easy" way to make money, and the whole stock market is geared to meet this ambition. From free to commission-free trading apps, to simplified valuation techniques such as the price-earnings ratio. And the market is geared toward finding the "best" solution and making the most money as fast as possible without spending too much time and effort on different options. This is precisely the opposite approach one should take when managing one's portfolio. Successful inve...


5th Aug 2022

emergency fund

Building an Emergency Fund - 'Cause you never know!

* 1 USD = 1 EURO for the first time in 20 years. * Sri Lanka's economy has almost collapsed entirely. * The Prime Minister of the UK was forced to resign. * America's inflation rate is 8.6%, the highest in 4 decades. * The IMF chief mentioned there's a chance we see a global recession next year. All of these situations point in one direction - YOU MUST HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND... And plan your finances at the earliest. And like always, we are here to help you out with the same. Because we'r...


4th Aug 2022

floater funds

Floating Rate Funds

Bonds are one of the safest investment instruments available in the market. However, their stagnant interest rate is a deal breaker for most investors who want to earn a profit. So, is there a way to groove to the interest rates of the economy while maintaining a low-risk profile? This blog is all about that very way, the floater rate bonds! So, stay with us while the words do, and we'll try to explain the concept of these funds. What are floating rate funds? A floating rate fund is a type of ...

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