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2nd Sep 2022


Light at the end of bearish tunnel

2022 has probably been the worst year for investors after 2008. The market kept plummeting, and we kept switching between the thought of holding stocks and selling them. The better part of the year has gone into hoping the market will break records again as it did in 2021. While Sensex might be a bit far from shattering another glass ceiling, this blog is your hope to not lose your hope in investing. As opposed to the most recent bearish runs, the falling markets can't be pinpointed for one pa...


1st Sep 2022

50-30-20 rule

How to not go beyond your monthly budget

Month end is a time most of us dread. With empty pockets work stress, we keep going with the sole hope of hearing cha-ching notification of the salary getting credited. To make matters worse, we carry guilt-filled emotional baggage on our backs of not making wise financial decisions throughout the month that led us to the present situation. While this may be the issue with 90% of the earning population, this blog aims to bring you closer to the remaining 10% who remain comfortably placed at mo...


30th Aug 2022

Purchasing Power Parity

Comparing currencies, realistically!

An average American family with an annual income of $100k will live a pretty ordinary life. But, if you convert those $100k into INR, it becomes Rs 79,87,220. With this amount, a family can afford the best education for their children, yearly trips, a couple of cars, etc. This stark contrast testifies to the factors that determine a currency's power. Therefore, let us understand the elements in a detailed manner. What is PPP? Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) compares the purchasing power of diffe...

By Shrestha Saha

29th Aug 2022


How to pay your EMIs when you have lost your job?

'Will I be able to maintain my credit score now that I have lost my job?' It is a common concern among service sector employees nowadays, owing to industry layoffs. It's no new news that the world is going through the worst recession period of all time. In response to such recession fears, Microsoft, Meta, and other tech behemoths have laid off over 32,000 employees in mass layoffs. Indian startup unicorns such as Unacademy, Ola, MPL, Blinkit, and others also went for wide-scale layoffs in I...

By Shlok Kamat

26th Aug 2022

market crash

What should I do when my portfolio is down?

Markets continue to perform poorly as we enter the second half of 2022. The pandemic unquestionably dictated the dynamics of stock markets in the last two years. It all started with heightened uncertainty in the business environment after the formal declaration of the pandemic by the WHO. As a result, most stock market indices declined precipitously from February 2020 to mid-March 2020. To deal with the panic, governments and central banks worldwide responded with unprecedented fiscal and monet...

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